Highlighter Paper
Highlighter Paper
Highlighter Paper
Highlighter Paper

Highlighter Paper

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Color St. Barts

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Mai Couture

What it is: Portable highlighter infused papers that give your skin that “lit-from-within" luminous glow.

What it does:These papers are designed to effortlessly give your skin an extra boost of glow anytime, anywhere without clogging your pores or causing buildup.

What is included: 30 sheets

What you should know: This product is not tested on animals. They are recyclable, biodegradable, paraben free, and talc free. 

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-task by removing shine while adding color

  • Absorb excess oil and perspiration for clean, fresh skin

  • Transform dull to radiant skin instantly

  • Does not require a brush or sponge for convenient touch-ups

  • Will not break or shatter

Colors: St. Barts, Crystal Cove

Track your batch. Each bottle is and made and poured with so much love find out when yours was made.

We were the first in Orange County to bring this small business into our salon. Small batch bottled here in sunny California. Find out more about our beautiful partners Botnia.