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Highlighter Paper

Mai Couture

What it is: Portable highlighter infused papers that give your skin that “lit-from-within" luminous glow.

What it does:These papers are designed to effortlessly give your skin an extra boost of glow anytime, anywhere without clogging your pores or causing buildup.

What is included: 30 sheets

What you should know: This product is not tested on animals. They are recyclable, biodegradable, paraben free, and talc free. 

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-task by removing shine while adding color

  • Absorb excess oil and perspiration for clean, fresh skin

  • Transform dull to radiant skin instantly

  • Does not require a brush or sponge for convenient touch-ups

  • Will not break or shatter

Colors: St. Barts, Crystal Cove