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Gua Sha Rhodonite


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The CJB Rhodonite with fascia ridges is the next generation in our “Pocket Style” Collection. It’s designed to meet all your skincare needs with a simplicity to help you easily tap into your inner beauty.

The “Pocket” wing-style stone is named because of its lightweight design that is travel-friendly and easy to carry with you whether you are going from home to the office or flying around the world. It’s another “foolproof” top-quality gua sha gemstone board designed by Cecily Braden.

This lightweight, travel-friendly and easy-to-use design is safe for all skin types, with no sharp angles or edges, and ensures your clients are using a top-quality gemstone tool at home. No matter which way you turn, twist or glide the stone, it will provide results. It’s literally “foolproof,” and naturally glides over the natural geography of the skin.

Rhodonite Benefits | by Judy Hall (Encyclopedia of Crystals)

Known as an “emotional healer, it helps nurture the inner self and promote unselfish self-love and forgiveness.”

It nurtures love, restoration and reinvigoration. Balances yin/yang and supports the clearing of emotional wounds and scars from the past. It brings you back to the center during stressful times, giving the soul the time it needs to heal.”

The shades and colors vary slightly, with natural threading and veins of differentiating color.


instantly firms and lifts
renew facial contours | reverse sagging skin
diminish dark circles | reduce puffiness
minimize appearance of wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
brightens | promotes radiant complexion
reduce dark spots | blemishes and other skin problems


All skin types

NOTE: Due to genuine gemstone quality, characteristics may vary slightly from featured image(s).

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