Haus of Monogram

Haus of Monogram, Flat Mariner


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Gold-Filled Necklace, Delicate Necklace, Everyday Necklace, Dainty Necklace, Gold Necklace, Layered Necklace, Layering Necklace, Gold Chain-18KT Gold-Filled Delicate Necklace. Chain Length: 16 or 18". Finish: 18kt Gold-Filled. About Gold-Filled jewellery. What is gold-filled? We carry Gold-Filled jewellery that is composed of a solid layer of 18kt gold, that is bonded to a base metal. Gold-Filled and vermeil jewellery are great quality alternatives to solid gold. With proper care and storage, you will have jewellery that will last a lifetime.

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