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Bee Kitchen

Beeswax Food Wraps 3 Pack- Shibori

Beeswax Food Wraps 3 Pack- Shibori

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 The Bee Kitchen Food Wrap is just what you need for your kitchen.

1. Use the heat of your hands to mold wrap around bowls, cups  cans and snacks like half an avocado, a bowl, plate, watermelon, etc.

2. Wash with cold water and soap, then air dry.

3. Use again and again. Wraps should last more than a year with proper care. 

Sustainable and environmentally friendly, not to mention pretty! Why use plastic when you can have these environmentally friendly food wraps brightening up your kitchen. 

Pattern Varies slightly between each wrap. One 6"x6" wrap: good for jars and cans. One 9"x9" wrap: good for bowls, snacks, and sandwiches. One 11"x11" wrap: good for sandwiches, bread, large bowls.

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