O R G A N I C   F A C I A L S

  • Using high quality organic skincare and holistic modalities with a focus on facial massage, we’ll work on guiding your skin towards its healthiest state.
  • Based on the current state of your skin and the amount of time we have together, your treatment will be curated and customized every step of the way.

  • All facial treatments include a double cleanse, custom-mixed botanical mask, neck and shoulder massage and plenty of facial massage.
  • Modalities will be tailored to suit your skin’s needs and may include the following:

    •                                                                                                                                      - Facial Gua-Sha
    • - Vodder manual lymphatic drainage 
    • - Connective tissue manipulation
    • - Cold therapy
    • - Light extractions (if necessary)
    • - High frequency
    • - Aromatherapy through hydrosols (no essential oils are used directly on your skin)
    • - LED light therapy

F A C I A L   M E N U


*If you are a new client we strongly encourage that you book the 90 Minute New Client Intro. 
This allows us to come up with a more personalized plan for your skin during the treatment as well as for your home care. 

P R I C I N G:

90 Minute New Client Intro……$120 
((includes a 30 minute consultation + a 60 minute facial))

45 Minutes……$70

75 Minutes……$120

90 Minutes……$140

À La Carte 30 Minute Consultation……$30