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Wild Harvested Ceremonial Copal

Wild Harvested Ceremonial Copal

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Our copal package contains 25g of wild harvested copal from Michoacan and Guerrero Mexico, harvested and prepared by Mauricio Martinez.

Copal is the dried resin from the copal tree. Copal is used as an emotional and spiritual purifier and is most commonly burned in Mexican churches and ceremonial settings such as the pyramids. Copal resin has been burned ritually by indigenous peoples for centuries.. This is a non-combustible resin incense, which means heat must be applied to release its fragrance (usually with a self-lighting charcoal tablet).

Copal burning: Use a copalero or a small ceramic bowl. Light charcoal on bottom edge until coal begins to ignite, place charcoal in copalero. Let sit for a brief period; until the coal has started to glow, then carefully place copal on top of charcoal. These coals will burn for an 45 minutes or so. You can continue to place copal on charcoal for the full period of time. The amount of copal you choose to burn will determine the amount of vapor it releases.

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