Retail Sign Pack, Lip Balm

Retail Sign Pack, Lip Balm

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Educate your customers on our lip balms and our brand! This pack includes 3 display signs about our lip balm, which includes a variety of information, graphics, and images. Includes three 4"x4" double-sided signs and two gold displays. All retailer displays, sign packs, and product testers have a maximum order limit of 2 units per SKU. Since Faire does not have the ability to limit quantities, we will review and edit the quantities on these items to reflect our policy prior to shipment. **If you own multiple stores or have other valid reasoning that requires the purchase of additional units above our maximum, please send us a message to prevent any cancellation of these additional items in your order.** Includes three 4"x4" double sided signs and two gold displays.

Track your batch. Each bottle is and made and poured with so much love find out when yours was made.

We were the first in Orange County to bring this small business into our salon. Small batch bottled here in sunny California. Find out more about our beautiful partners Botnia.