Mountain Rose

Mountain Rose // Turmeric Hydrosol


Organic turmeric hydrosol has a gentle, earthy scent, and can be used in place of water in any fine herbal formulation. Blend it into your favorite facial mask recipe or add this hydrosol to a bath after a long day of hiking or sports.

Turmeric root is well known as the golden spice gracing delectable recipes and herbal formulations for the past 4,000 years. The scent of turmeric hydrosol is quite gentle and lends the properties of the root to your aromatherapeutic and body care preparations. While it is distilled from brightly colored turmeric roots, this is a clear, almost colorless liquid.

With a faintly spicy and earthy aroma, our organic turmeric hydrosol makes a lovely facial toner for a radiant complexion. It is also helpful for minor skin irritations. Primary constituents include 1,8-cineole, curcumenic ketones, and palmitic acid.

This hydrosol pairs perfectly with balancing essential oils such as angelica root, patchouli, or myrrh for an earthy body mist. Combine with turmeric essential oil for the joined synergistic qualities of the root. This hydrosol lends a delicate base for aromatherapy blends that help to ground when we are feeling untethered.

Turmeric hydrosol is expertly crafted by our distiller in the Pacific Northwest from the fresh roots of Curcuma longa using water-steam distillation. Suitable for cosmetic use.

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