Magick Manifest Candle (Invoke Love) REIKI CHARGED

Magick Manifest Candle (Invoke Love) REIKI CHARGED

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The Magick Manifest Candle helps you invoke your intended desire of Love to reality and into your life.

Lovingly and ritually created with natural soy wax and the intoxication scents of Ylang Ylang, Cedar and Lily essential oil. Every candle comes with Magickal affirmation to manifests Love to you. The color pink connects your loving intentions to the Universe while the Lapis Lazuli crystal harnesses the power of wisdom, self-love, stimulation and empowerment.

Light your manifest candle and say your affirmation out loud. Repeat daily or as needed.

Track your batch. Each bottle is and made and poured with so much love find out when yours was made.

We were the first in Orange County to bring this small business into our salon. Small batch bottled here in sunny California. Find out more about our beautiful partners Botnia.