Madison & White

Charcoal Satin Pillowcases

$60 $80


It’s time to break up with your cotton pillowcase and transform your hair and skin as you sleep. Cotton pillowcases, no matter the thread count, damage hair and skin with dehydration and friction. To battle the damage, Madison and White reinvented satin with a technical fabric that allows hair and skin to retain moisture, unlike cotton pillowcases that are made of a water-absorbing fiber. The ultra soft fabric of our satin pillowcase helps to reduce friction so that hair and skin glide smoothly across the pillowcase as you sleep. The results are that you can skip the need to wash hair daily, extend blowouts and hairstyles, reduce knots and tangles in hair, and say bye-bye to pesky sleep wrinkles. Our products are easy to launder, they are also vegan and cruelty-free so that you’ll sleep better at night on all levels. The Madison and White Satin Pillowcase works like a beauty tool to help save your best assets as you sleep.

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